Open Source | How Do You Name Your Brand?

I don’t actually know if there’s a good way or a bad way to come up with the name of a brand but I do know one thing: you shouldn't waste too much time coming up with it. This is exactly what we did to arrive at the »

Open Source | What Products Should We Make?

From womenswear to menswear and casual to professional, there's a million different categories and subcategories to choose from when it comes to the fashion & apparel industry. For our in-house brand, we've decided to specialize in activewear. Here's why: 1) Follow the data. A rule of thumb for starting any »

Open Source | We're Starting a Brand for You

I have a confession to make -- We messed up. A lot. We were wrong. When we started Maderight last year, we thought we knew everything there was to know about the fashion industry. This was not the case. For the first 3 months, we gave our clients unrealistic timelines »