[Beta Release] Introducing Maderight's 14-Day Prototype Program

How many times have you experienced crazy long lead times during the development of your products? It always starts promising enough. You’re communicating with the factory to start your samples and things seem to be going well. Then their promised delivery date passes. The 3-4 week sample time they »

2 Major Types of Samples and Why You Need to Know the Difference

A big issue in the apparel industry is the lack of standardized language and terminology. With much of manufacturing occurring world wide, the language barrier just adds to the confusion, leading to delays and long lead times. Sampling is a perfect example. There are a dozens of terms interchangeably used, »

5 Smart Strategies to Reduce Sample Lead Times

One of the most common complaints about apparel manufacturing are the long lead times. From our online survey, brands were experiencing an average of 4-8 weeks to get a single sample. So what can you do as a brand to reduce lead time? Finalize Design Sampling Before you start sampling, »

The #1 Tip to Kickstarting your Clothing Brand

We shared the ABCs of manufacturing for your kickstarter earlier and we wanted to delve more into it here. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS. The number one tip is to focus on a few products. Do not raise money for a clothing line. There are many steps to product development and the »

Re: Manufacturing Jobs are Never Coming Back

On Friday, Ben Casselman of FiveThirtyEight.com's blog published a "Manufacturing Jobs are Never Coming Back" article. It is amazingly insightful, but I would add "like they used to" at the end of that title. Here are my 3 bullet points. 1. Manufacturing has grown in the US in the »

3 Reasons Why Market Sourcing is a Bad Idea

Market sourcing is a common way many factories source fabrics to fulfill low minimum orders. These huge markets are common in major apparel manufacturing cities, and have extremely low minimums and fast turnaround. Sounds almost perfect doesn't it? Then why do we discourage brands from doing this? Because it causes »

The 3 Basic Ways to Source Fabric

Each company approaches sourcing slightly differently, but at its core there are 3 ways that successful companies source their fabric. It's important that each company understand the different options available so they can effectively source for their specific needs. Factory Sourced Fabrics: Probably the most common form of sourcing is »

ABC's Before Manufacturing for Your Kickstarter

Here are 3 tips to think about before and during production to kickstart your brand in fashion. We've run a few successful Kickstarter(KS) campaigns in the past. Today, I was the phone with a new brand looking to use KS to launch, here are some helpful tips. A. Reduce »

Understanding Fabric Sourcing: How to Find Fabric Vendors

If you’ve ever been frustrated with finding the right fabric and sourcing partner, you’re not alone. The process can be tedious, and its mostly due to the sheer number of vendors and specialties required to make all the apparel products you see in the market today. However, based »

Understanding Fabric Sourcing: Who Sells Fabric?

Materials sourcing is one of the key steps on your path to creating your product. However, it can be really confusing to navigate through all the different options, the thousands of vendors, and which partners make the most sense for your particular product type, company size, and preferences. That’s »