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Industry Insider: Cooper Golding

ChipmunkBags is the laundry bag that is much more than just a laundry bag -- this bag does it all, whether you're sailing, camping, or traveling. There's only 3 days left for their Kickstarter campaign so get yours now! Below is our interview with Cooper Golding, the founder of ChipmunkBags. »

Open Source | How Do You Name Your Brand?

I don’t actually know if there’s a good way or a bad way to come up with the name of a brand but I do know one thing: you shouldn't waste too much time coming up with it. This is exactly what we did to arrive at the »

Open Source | What Products Should We Make?

From womenswear to menswear and casual to professional, there's a million different categories and subcategories to choose from when it comes to the fashion & apparel industry. For our in-house brand, we've decided to specialize in activewear. Here's why: 1) Follow the data. A rule of thumb for starting any »

Industry Insider: Matteo Gemignani

Premium Italian Leather goods crafted by the same artisans that produce for Chanel and Gucci without the retail markup -- what's not to love about Armadio? Today, we're with the founder & CEO, Matteo Mattia Gemignani. Tell us about yourself I was born in Lucca, Tuscany, and studied in Pisa, »

Open Source | We're Starting a Brand for You

I have a confession to make -- We messed up. A lot. We were wrong. When we started Maderight last year, we thought we knew everything there was to know about the fashion industry. This was not the case. For the first 3 months, we gave our clients unrealistic timelines »

Industry Insider: Yusuke Sato

DRIVE is an exciting new brand innovating on men's underwear. With multiple film directors on the founding team, they are producing the best visual content I've seen from any brand. Here's my interview with the founder, Yusuke Sato. Tell us about yourself I'm a red-bearded cinematographer and Airbnb Superhost. Tell »

Industry Insider: Kevin Lavelle

Mizzen+Main is one of the most popular brands among athletes today. CrossFit Games Champion, Jason Khalipa, J. J. Watt of the Houston Texans, and Thomas Morstead of the New Orleans Saints are just a few of the athletes that can be regularly seen in Mizzen+Main shirts. Today, we »

Industry Insider: Roee Lahav

I first heard about Out of X earlier this year when I was exploring the startup scene in Israel. They were one of the few people making waves in the fashion tech space internationally. Today, we sit down with Roee Lahav, one of the founders of Out of X, to »

Industry Insider: Will Hench

Will Hench and his brother, Andrew Hench, founded ThreadLab to make shopping less of a pain for men by using data science. I actually first met them in 2013 when we (the founders of Maderight) were still building our own clothing brand -- ThreadLab was one of our first stockists! »

Industry Insider: Marisa Flacks

This week, we're moving to the other side of the table and getting a glimpse of what it's like to be a fashion blogger. Our Industry Insider is Marisa Flacks, the founder of The Style Almanac. Tell us about yourself My name is Marisa Flacks, I am currently a senior »