We shared the ABCs of manufacturing for your kickstarter earlier and we wanted to delve more into it here.


The number one tip is to focus on a few products. Do not raise money for a clothing line. There are many steps to product development and the amount of work and resources multiply with each style you want to produce. Many fashion blogs will tell you to narrow your market focus down. Unless you have a buyer waiting to write the check to fulfill your manufacturing minimums across your line, you'll be doing yourself a huge favor by slimming down your line. You'll also free yourself to focus on sales.

Good Work Takes Time

Without experience manufacturing the product, you'll need to find a designer, a seamstress, fabric supplier, and a proper manufacturer just to make your first sample. That sample will usually arrive anywhere from 1 month to 3 months. You'll need to plan for at least 3 iterations per product. This is why you'll hear of experienced designers working one or two years ahead of time at larger companies. Give yourself the necessary time to trial and error.

Mo' Products Mo' Problems

As of a few years ago, more than 80% of Kickstarter projects miss their shipping deadlines. In most iterations designers have something they want to change. Whether that's a drastic alteration, or a just adjusting a sleeve length, changes increases the product's lead time. Having 3 products will basically triple your potential risk. If a brand shipped to retail stores, they could easily cancel the order entirely.